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Hanna Gammon, Entrepreneur & Molecular Biologist

September 29, 2020

I love nothing more than connecting with entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a difference to the people and the world around them.  Hanna Gammon in my opinion is a stand out in this space.   She is the co-founder (together with Husband Jock) and Chair of Junglefy, Australia’s leading plant-technology and living structure company.

Finish by origin, she trained as a molecular biologist but has fully stepped into her Leo Sun sign as an inspiring leader with a vision and drive to bring nature back into our cities to resolve some of the biggest challenges facing humankind. Little wonder with her midheaven in Pisces (part of natal chart ruling her career) bringing through deep compassion for people and the planet

Also heading up operations, Junglefy has created a nurturing, inspirational and creative culture – all key signatures for Hanna with Cancer on her Ascendant and her Moon in Leo.

This interview is sure to leave you inspired to chase the dreams within you.

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