Astrology for Leaders Podcast

Alison Izzo, Body+Soul Digital Editor, Healthy-ish Podcast Host and Producer

December 30, 2020

This week I’m excited to share my latest Astrology for Leaders podcast conversation with Alison Izzo.   Alison is currently the Digital Editor as well as the Producer and Co-host of Body + Soul’s Healthy-ish podcast.  Her uplifting energy, ongoing drive to expand her skills, yearning for meaningful conversations, love of fashion, health and publishing  inspiring stories are all great reasons to tune in!  And frankly, who doesn’t need a little bit of all of this vibe in holiday season? At the age of 12 she fell in love with fashion publishing which was cemented by a Harpers Bazaar subscription for Christmas that year.  Herself-made professional journey into the world of fashion publishing is nothing less than inspiring.  From grounded roots in country Mildura alongside the Murray River to studying Arts at Melbourne University to an unpaid internship in Sydney to a role being offered 2 years on.   Her passion, determination and doing what it takes to get there, no matter what she had to give up on is something we can all learn from. Born with a stellium of planets in fixed water sign Scorpio – the Sun, Mercury and Saturn - she loves nothing more than talking about what makes people tick vs frivolous surface conversation.  It’s important for to be able to get to the truth whether conducting professional research or in conversation with others. Alison also loves combining her professional skills with her personal loves, like attempting the latest workout trends and drinking her body weight in kombucha in the name of research. Plus, wearing activewear in the office is a real perk for her.  So it’s no surprise one of her major Astrological signatures is being born with Venus and Mars side by side in health oriented Virgo.  And they lie in the part of her chart connected to her work and how she likes take care of herself on a daily basis.  In my book it was only a matter of time before she would eventually transition from the world of fashion magazines to health +wellness.  In her words, her current role is the best she’s ever had! To find out more about her work and her podcast head to #scorpiosunsign #bodyandsoul #alisonizzo #healthyishpodcast

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