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Alison Izzo, Body+Soul Digital Editor, Healthy-ish Podcast Host and Producer

Alison Izzo, Body+Soul Digital Editor, Healthy-ish Podcast Host and Producer

December 30, 2020

This week I’m excited to share my latest Astrology for Leaders podcast conversation with Alison Izzo.   Alison is currently the Digital Editor as well as the Producer and Co-host of Body + Soul’s Healthy-ish podcast.  Her uplifting energy, ongoing drive to expand her skills, yearning for meaningful conversations, love of fashion, health and publishing  inspiring stories are all great reasons to tune in!  And frankly, who doesn’t need a little bit of all of this vibe in holiday season? At the age of 12 she fell in love with fashion publishing which was cemented by a Harpers Bazaar subscription for Christmas that year.  Herself-made professional journey into the world of fashion publishing is nothing less than inspiring.  From grounded roots in country Mildura alongside the Murray River to studying Arts at Melbourne University to an unpaid internship in Sydney to a role being offered 2 years on.   Her passion, determination and doing what it takes to get there, no matter what she had to give up on is something we can all learn from. Born with a stellium of planets in fixed water sign Scorpio – the Sun, Mercury and Saturn - she loves nothing more than talking about what makes people tick vs frivolous surface conversation.  It’s important for to be able to get to the truth whether conducting professional research or in conversation with others. Alison also loves combining her professional skills with her personal loves, like attempting the latest workout trends and drinking her body weight in kombucha in the name of research. Plus, wearing activewear in the office is a real perk for her.  So it’s no surprise one of her major Astrological signatures is being born with Venus and Mars side by side in health oriented Virgo.  And they lie in the part of her chart connected to her work and how she likes take care of herself on a daily basis.  In my book it was only a matter of time before she would eventually transition from the world of fashion magazines to health +wellness.  In her words, her current role is the best she’s ever had! To find out more about her work and her podcast head to #scorpiosunsign #bodyandsoul #alisonizzo #healthyishpodcast

Audrey Warren, Cacao Ceremonialist

Audrey Warren, Cacao Ceremonialist

December 2, 2020

Did you know there was such a job as a Cacao Ceremonialist? In this week’s episode, I speak with the Founder of Love Bean Cacao, Audrey Warren.

When Audrey embarked on a solo adventure to the USA and Central America to “find herself” the last thing she had in mind was drinking cacao on a strangers front porch in San Marcos, Guatemala. But it was this event that started her on the path she is passionately following today. Audrey facilitates ceremonies using Cacao imported from an indigenous women’s collective in Guatemala to help people heal. Gifting people experiences which make them whole is what fills her up (Virgo Moon).

Audrey – thank you for the opportunity to connect, for being so candid about what brought you to this place and for taking us into your world as a Cacao Ceremonialist and Entrepreneur.

Clare Elizabeth Dea, Performance Artist, Speaker, Writer

Clare Elizabeth Dea, Performance Artist, Speaker, Writer

November 24, 2020

Expansive, creative, spiritual, growth minded and free - these are words that spring to mind when I reflect on my conversation with Clare Elizabeth Dea. Clare is a dynamic influencer known internationally as a Performance Artist, Speaker, Writer and Teacher. Her Entrepreneur journey commenced as a young girl busking outside her local supermarket and since then, she has used her talent for music (Sun in Taurus in 5th House), dance, writing, facilitation and teaching (Sagittarius Ascendant) in many ways to heal both herself and others. From Dance School Owner to Acting Teacher to Author of "The One Breast Goddess Transforming shame into Beauty" (based on her personal journey of coming to terms with Poland's Syndrome) to Tedx Speaker. She has also realised a dream of launching her one woman comedy cabaret show at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

In 2020 she started touring her new transformational comedy show "The Spiritual Love Guru". When that was shut down from lock down, she "pivoted" and established an online spiritual dating show called "Love in Quarantine" which she plans to tour live in 2021!

Clare's energy and zest is both uplifting and thought provoking, It was so much fun talking about her entrepreneurial world using the lens of Astrology..... and Clare, thank you SO MUCH for your generous words about me ;-)

Stuart Langeveldt, Chief Experience Officer, Qantas Super

Stuart Langeveldt, Chief Experience Officer, Qantas Super

November 19, 2020

Stuart’s blend of charm, embracing innovation to get results and business focus captured my attention when we first met discussing recruits for his team almost 18 years ago! Over the years he’s risen to the call of leadership as Head of Marketing in a range of roles in banking and finance, property and now with Qantas Superannuation - which is going through it’s busiest period ever.

It never ceases to amaze me how Executive’s charts reflect their Innate Abilities and Authentic Purpose in their Career. Stuart shares his perspective on how Archetypes in his chart have played out in his career. Given he has his Sun in Aquarius next to the North Node in Aquarius (which rules Innovation and Astrology) it’s not surprising he has been a keen supporter of my unique approach to Executive Coaching.

I hope you enjoy!

Tom Carroll, Surfing Legend + Meditation Teacher

Tom Carroll, Surfing Legend + Meditation Teacher

November 11, 2020

It’s not every day you have the opportunity to engage with a world-champion surfer (Sun and Mars in Sagittarius), turned mediation teacher (Neptune, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio), and explore their life journey through the lens of their Astrological Birth Chart. It was such a privilege and moving experience to chat with surfing legend Tom Carroll about his life which spans an early connection with the water inspired by his mother who passed when he was young, becoming the 1st ever Triple Crown winner, struggle with addiction and subsequent transformation into spiritual mediation teacher.

Tom has a way of drawing you into his field with the way he tells his stories … you literally feel like you’re on the ride right alongside him. No surprise he’s willing to go deep with Mercury in Scorpio!!!

In conversation Tom explores his perspective of leadership, how he began surfing, the impact of his mother’s early passing, falling into and coming out of addiction as well as his ongoing drive to innovate the world of surfing and inspire more to get on board.

Whether you’re a keen surfing fan, spiritually curious, or love a story of transformation, this conversation is one not to be missed. Enormous gratitude to you Tom for sharing your heart with mine and all the listeners who will tune in overtime! You are such a wise and inspirational soul!!

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Lindley Edwards, Group CEO of AFG Venture Group

Lindley Edwards, Group CEO of AFG Venture Group

October 22, 2020

In this week’s Astrology for Leaders I interview Group CEO of AFG Venture Group and Australian Businesswoman Hall of Fame member Lindley Edwards. She brings to the conversation so many pearls of wisdom drawn from ancient cultures and philosophers who’ve inspired her. Not surprising as she is born with the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn lining up in Capricorn and Mercury in Sagittarius.

A passionate leader and driver for change, she combines both pragmatic strategy with innovative thought to establish banking structures which service communities as a whole. But it is her current passion project, the completion of her PhD which explores the connections between, sociology, philosophy, technology and economics into one which richly inspires me..

In my view to be a stand out stand-out leader in today’s complex technologically oriented world undoubtedly requires understanding the complex relationship between all the disciplines Lindley is researching. As she declares, without question it’s made her a better strategic thinker.

A slightly longer conversation, but so many thought provoking gems in this one.

I hope you enjoy as much as I did!!

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Lisa Winneke, Host of The Good News Guide

Lisa Winneke, Host of The Good News Guide

October 7, 2020
It is always uplifting being in conversation with Lisa Winneke, Entrepreneur and Founder of The Good News Guide.  Driven by a strong Purpose to raise the frequency of the planet, Lisa is embracing her innate abilities to inspire others (Leo Sun), delve deep into matters in order to heal and innovate (Scorpio Ascendant) and to bring an innovative platform to groups (North Node in Aquarius in the 11th house).   She reveals in this conversation how Astrology has been a powerful tool to understand her unique leadership qualities and that as she has evolved on a personal level the birth chart just keeps on giving!  This is not to be missed if you are considering alternative options to your current career or ready to take it to the next level.  And I encourage you to tune into the rich conversations available on The Good News Guide.
The Good News Guide offers a collection of conversations stories ideas and tools from thought leaders, healers and humans on the planet.  It’s an invitation to expand your mind and connect more deeply with your heart so that you can be reminded of your innate power and beauty.  Each week Lisa releases a new deeply engaging conversation on The Good News Guide which is featured on YouTube ( the podcast The Good News Guide on Spotify and 
Lisa also engages in collaborative activities such as speaking, brand collaborations, creative advising and ambassador work.
Hanna Gammon, Entrepreneur & Molecular Biologist

Hanna Gammon, Entrepreneur & Molecular Biologist

September 29, 2020

I love nothing more than connecting with entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a difference to the people and the world around them.  Hanna Gammon in my opinion is a stand out in this space.   She is the co-founder (together with Husband Jock) and Chair of Junglefy, Australia’s leading plant-technology and living structure company.

Finish by origin, she trained as a molecular biologist but has fully stepped into her Leo Sun sign as an inspiring leader with a vision and drive to bring nature back into our cities to resolve some of the biggest challenges facing humankind. Little wonder with her midheaven in Pisces (part of natal chart ruling her career) bringing through deep compassion for people and the planet

Also heading up operations, Junglefy has created a nurturing, inspirational and creative culture – all key signatures for Hanna with Cancer on her Ascendant and her Moon in Leo.

This interview is sure to leave you inspired to chase the dreams within you.

Patrick Medd, EY Director - Global Advisory Learning Leader

Patrick Medd, EY Director - Global Advisory Learning Leader

September 21, 2020

It was a joy reconnecting with EY Director Patrick Medd, Global Advisory Learning Leader who together with his team of 10 supports 65,000 professionals worldwide.   Our paths first crossed a couple of years ago when Patrick was at a career crossroad and weighing up options.  By exploring his Innate Abilities and Authentic Purpose using Astrology, it became obvious which path to take.  Today he is thriving in his role (even in COVID times).   What I particularly love about Patrick is his special blend of charm + sense of fun (Leo rising), ongoing need to learn and teach (Moon in Aries in 9th House) and commitment to helping people by putting in place structures and systems which get results (Virgo Sun). 

In our conversation, we explore how Astrology helped him complete the picture of who he is, his own learning journey, what leadership means to him and what motivates him to do what he does.  Thank you Patrick for yet another uplifting and engaging heart to heart.

If you would like to learn more about Josephine, then visit

Vanessa Gibbons, Marketing Director

Vanessa Gibbons, Marketing Director

September 9, 2020

In this week’s Astrology for Leaders, I interviewed Singapore based International Marketing Executive, Vanessa Gibbons to explore topics including Leadership in COVID, what inspires her and how she blends her daily meditation/spiritual practice into her career.  

She has a rich and diverse career leading marketing teams across Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa for some of the world’s most trusted brands including Hilton, Microsoft and Unilever as well as stints agency side with Kantar TNS, WPP and leading her own Agency, In good company.

Passionate about enabling the unique qualities of her team members to shine through to enable results extends out of the office to social issues not least of which is nurturing 2 sponsor children in Cambodia as well as her own.   The keys to her success… a daily meditation and spiritual practice.  She embraces spiritual tools such as Astrology to build her self-awareness and appreciate how she can embody her full potential.

An engaging conversationalist, with a quick wit, and compassionate heart makes this interview based on some of her significant Birth Chart placements worth listening to.  

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