Astrology for Leaders Podcast

Hiam Sakakini, CEO & Founder

May 13, 2021

A Culture Change Expert, Hiam’s Career has navigated a number of fascinating twists and turns – but all the way she has been motivated by how she can serve others.


Her experience spans over 10 years in multiple roles at Google from managing teams to heading up Leadership Development for Asia Pacific region.  From there, she found herself ready to take her skills as a leader and change-maker out into the broader business community and set up The Culture Equation, a Management Consultancy which is motivated to create environments dominated by trust and psychological safety.  She is also a board member on 2 NFP.


Born with the Sun in Aries she has a healthy dose of independence, ambition and drive.  Yet it reveals itself in creative, compassionate and service-oriented ways given she has Mars in Pisces.  With her Midheaven in Virgo she is passionate about bringing order to chaos and using systems that both heal and strengthen cultures which ultimately enables companies to yield better results.


In our conversation Hiam is generous with both declaring how she engages her innate abilities as well as providing insight into how she supports her client’s transformation of their culture and processes.


She is simply a breath of fresh air, with such vigour and energy and passion for what she does. And her desire to make a difference in the world is inspiring.


I hope you enjoy!!

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