Astrology for Leaders Podcast

Donna Worthington, Partner, MinterEllison Consulting

April 7, 2021

In this week’s Astrology for Leaders, I interviewed Donna Worthington who is Partner and Head of the Risk + Regulatory Practice at MinterEllison Law Firm in Sydney.

Donna is not your everyday 'Partner at Law Firm'. She brings a breadth of leadership experience gained in Executive Management roles in both Financial Services and Management Consulting Organisations.

She was born with a line-up of the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury and Neptune in Sagittarius gifting her with a lifelong thirst for knowledge through both formal learning channels and life experiences. Because these planets link up to the part of her chart where she is willing to be responsible and plan things through, she can be counted on to deliver. She is also an inspirational leader of the heart. With Saturn in Leo in the 10th house, she builds trust based on having the runs on the board but she quite simply brings all of herself to the table, She is both inspired and inspiring in the way she leads.

With Scorpio on her Ascendant Donna is drawn to assignments that require her to get to the bottom of a problem. In fact, she doesn’t mind a crisis. The more complex and challenging the issues to resolve, the more motivated she is to get to the heart of the issues and find a way to transform the situation to get results for her clients.

Finally, with so many planets located in the part of her chart connected to self-development, her self-awareness is high AS IS HER PASSION to support others to be the best version of themselves at work.

Tune in to get a glimpse of what Leadership means to Donna and how she has engaged her signature innate abilities over the years to carve out her amazing career!

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