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Lynda Williams, Co-Founder The Soothe and Managing Director VIM + Vigour PR

February 24, 2021

In this week's episode, I speak with Singapore based Lynda Williams, Co-Founder of holistic wellbeing platform "The Soothe" and Founder/Managing Director of Vim + Vigour PR. Heralding from England Lynda has carved out an extraordinary career embracing her Innate Abilities and Passions.

Born with the Cancerian signature of creating safe and nurturing places to live and work in, she treats her business and clients much like family. But there is a sound businesswoman that sits behind her caring nature. Her Moon in Capricorn indicates exceptional business nouse with a need for strategy, a plan and a focus on getting results.

During Covid lockdown in 2020, Lynda co-founded The Soothe inspired to fill the gap in the market for quality wellbeing content. (It's little surprise given Virgo, which represents the blending of the Mind, Body and Soul rules Lynda's Professional Legacy in her birth chart! ) This holistic online platform attracts audiences looking for bold, inclusive and honest resources from trusted sources. From the start, The Soothe has embraced feedback from its followers to create a hub which truly meets their needs for balanced and happy living.

If you too are inspired by travel, health and wellness, you'll love learning about Lynda's work and what she's inspired to leave behind to create a better world for others.

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