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Audrey Warren, Cacao Ceremonialist

December 2, 2020

Did you know there was such a job as a Cacao Ceremonialist? In this week’s episode, I speak with the Founder of Love Bean Cacao, Audrey Warren.

When Audrey embarked on a solo adventure to the USA and Central America to “find herself” the last thing she had in mind was drinking cacao on a strangers front porch in San Marcos, Guatemala. But it was this event that started her on the path she is passionately following today. Audrey facilitates ceremonies using Cacao imported from an indigenous women’s collective in Guatemala to help people heal. Gifting people experiences which make them whole is what fills her up (Virgo Moon).

Audrey – thank you for the opportunity to connect, for being so candid about what brought you to this place and for taking us into your world as a Cacao Ceremonialist and Entrepreneur.

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