Astrology for Leaders Podcast

Lisa Winneke, Host of The Good News Guide

October 7, 2020
It is always uplifting being in conversation with Lisa Winneke, Entrepreneur and Founder of The Good News Guide.  Driven by a strong Purpose to raise the frequency of the planet, Lisa is embracing her innate abilities to inspire others (Leo Sun), delve deep into matters in order to heal and innovate (Scorpio Ascendant) and to bring an innovative platform to groups (North Node in Aquarius in the 11th house).   She reveals in this conversation how Astrology has been a powerful tool to understand her unique leadership qualities and that as she has evolved on a personal level the birth chart just keeps on giving!  This is not to be missed if you are considering alternative options to your current career or ready to take it to the next level.  And I encourage you to tune into the rich conversations available on The Good News Guide.
The Good News Guide offers a collection of conversations stories ideas and tools from thought leaders, healers and humans on the planet.  It’s an invitation to expand your mind and connect more deeply with your heart so that you can be reminded of your innate power and beauty.  Each week Lisa releases a new deeply engaging conversation on The Good News Guide which is featured on YouTube ( the podcast The Good News Guide on Spotify and 
Lisa also engages in collaborative activities such as speaking, brand collaborations, creative advising and ambassador work.

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