Astrology for Leaders Podcast

Patrick Medd, EY Director - Global Advisory Learning Leader

September 21, 2020

It was a joy reconnecting with EY Director Patrick Medd, Global Advisory Learning Leader who together with his team of 10 supports 65,000 professionals worldwide.   Our paths first crossed a couple of years ago when Patrick was at a career crossroad and weighing up options.  By exploring his Innate Abilities and Authentic Purpose using Astrology, it became obvious which path to take.  Today he is thriving in his role (even in COVID times).   What I particularly love about Patrick is his special blend of charm + sense of fun (Leo rising), ongoing need to learn and teach (Moon in Aries in 9th House) and commitment to helping people by putting in place structures and systems which get results (Virgo Sun). 

In our conversation, we explore how Astrology helped him complete the picture of who he is, his own learning journey, what leadership means to him and what motivates him to do what he does.  Thank you Patrick for yet another uplifting and engaging heart to heart.

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