Astrology for Leaders Podcast

Sabina Read, Psychologist & Media Commentator

August 26, 2020

I loved talking all things Astrology, Psychology, Leadership and what it takes to live a meaningful life with the amazing Sabina Read.  Her commitment to her craft, humility, humour and wisdom is nothing short of inspirational.

Sabina is a psychologist who works with organisations, groups, individuals, couples and families in the areas of well-being, stress, relationships, leadership, career development, change, life transitions, job loss, mental health, and parenting.   She is also a Media Commentator, Ambassador for Seek and is a co-host on the podcast of the new conversation, Human Cogs.

I invite you to tune in, I’m sure you’ll find something insiteful as we unpack Sabina’s career using the lens of Astrology.

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