Astrology for Leaders Podcast

Stuart Langeveldt, Chief Experience Officer, Qantas Super

November 19, 2020

Stuart’s blend of charm, embracing innovation to get results and business focus captured my attention when we first met discussing recruits for his team almost 18 years ago! Over the years he’s risen to the call of leadership as Head of Marketing in a range of roles in banking and finance, property and now with Qantas Superannuation - which is going through it’s busiest period ever.

It never ceases to amaze me how Executive’s charts reflect their Innate Abilities and Authentic Purpose in their Career. Stuart shares his perspective on how Archetypes in his chart have played out in his career. Given he has his Sun in Aquarius next to the North Node in Aquarius (which rules Innovation and Astrology) it’s not surprising he has been a keen supporter of my unique approach to Executive Coaching.

I hope you enjoy!

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